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I absolutely LOVE traveling!  I've been traveling for most of my life.  Combine my love for traveling with the fact that before I became an Agency Owner & a Personal Travel Consultant, many people used to ask me for travel advice.  They wanted my opinions about the different cruise lines, hotels, airlines and destinations.  They used to ask me if I knew of any deals because of my past traveling experiences.  They came to me because they knew that they'd be getting first hand knowledge.  


When I think about all of the reasons why they came to me, the simplest and most important reason of them all is that they trusted me.  As your Personal Travel Consultant, you too can contact me for travel advice and to get my opinions about cruise lines, hotels, airlines and destinations.  I will also make sure that you are getting the most value for your money.      


At Busy Bee Travel Group, we believe that your vacation should be everything that you want it to be.  From the most experienced travelers to first time travelers, your Personal Travel Consultant is at YOUR service.  We answer any questions or concerns that you have during the research and planning process.  Once you decide on your travel dates, destination and activities, we will create a cuztomized travel quote for you.  When you are ready to finalize your travel arrangements, contact your Personal Travel Consultant so that they can handle those arrangements for you.  *For detailed information about our services, please visit the Services Fees and Payments page.


We want to help all of our clients experience new destinations, adventures, food, cultures, and people.  Our goal is simple.  We want our clients to call us and say, "I had a GREAT time! I can't wait to go on my next trip!"    


We thank you for stopping by our online home and we look forward to helping you plan and book your next BEST vacation!



Your Personal Travel Consultant,


Adrienne D. Jackson




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Helping you plan and book your next BEST vacation! 


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