Breakdown of available services offered by Busy Bee Travel Group:


- Travel Planning

We help you from start to finish.  Before starting the planning process, we need to find out Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.  Getting that basic information from potential clients gives us everything that we need so that we can provide you with a quote based on the answers to those questions.  We will create a customized travel quote for you and answer any questions that you may have so that you can move forward with making your travel arrangements.  We are available to assist you before and during your vacation.  


- Travel Booking

Your Personal Travel Consultant is never too busy to book your trip for you.  We have clients who have already done their research.  They've already answered, "Where, When and How?"  In fact, they are ready to pay a deposit or the full payment required.  Travelers in this category come to us because they know that there may be some perks/specials available that only their Personal Travel Consultant knows about and they want to see if they can take advantage of those specials by booking their trip with us.  We will gladly do a search for available perks/specials to see if you qualify.  Whether you qualify or not, Busy Bee Travel Group will book your trip for you and be available to assist you before and during your vacation.

*****This particular service is also ideal for our Business Travelers.  If you are frequently traveling for business, have an itinerary, know where you wan to stay, etc, but just need someone to fill in the gap as your "personal assistant" to make sure that your business travel plans are all set, Busy Bee Travel Group's Personal Travel Consultant will take care of that for you whenever the need arises.


- Travel Consulting

Busy Bee Travel Group knows that everyone will not need our Travel Planning or Travel Booking Services.  You may have already booked your trip through an online site or another agent, but you have questions about your destination, hotel, cruise line or activity.    Maybe you can't find the answers online or the other agent that you booked with is either not answering or not giving you the answers that you need.  There are also instances when a person may not be ready to book at all, but they just have questions.  In either case, we are at your service and will answer any questions or concerns that you have.



Our Personal Travel Consultants go to work on your behalf.  They perform research and create a customized quote for you & your travel companions based on the information that you provided on the Request for Travel Quote Form.  If you have any questions about anything regarding the quote, you can contact your Personal Travel Consultant during regular business hours via Phone, Text Message or Video Chat (i.e. Skype or Google Hangout).  If it's after hours, we encourage you to send an email  so that they can respond to you on the next business day. 


Note: In an effort to keep the retainer fee for our services low, all clients can receive (2) customized quotes per $30.00 paid.  For example:  If a potential client contacts us and fills out the Request for Travel Quote Form and indicates that they would like to get a quote for a trip to Cancun.  We will send you a quote for a resort in Cancun, per your request.  You may look at that quote and decide that you would like to compare that price against the cost of a trip to Jamaica during the same time frame.  No problem.  Contact your Personal Travel Consultant to let them know that you would like a quote for Jamaica.  We will gladly send you a quote for a comparable resort in Jamaica, per your request.  You have now reviewed (2) quotes that were customized specifically for you and your travel companions, but now you would like to also get a quote for a cruise that goes to both Jamaica and Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.  We will be glad to research cruise itinieraries for you, but there will be a reduced fee associated with doing so. 






*Updated 2/9/2019

Planning Fees

Busy Bee Travel Group charges a non-refundable Retainer Fee, per client/ per trip planning, booking or consulting request.  This a separate fee from the total trip cost and must be remitted prior to a Personal Travel Consultant beginning any research, booking or consulting services.



*Individual Vacation Planning Fee:  $50.00

(4 Rooms/ 8-9 People or Less)


*Group Vacation Planning Fee:  *See Below*

***Applies to ANY group that is NOT a Wedding Group***

(5-10 rooms/ 10-20 People) :  $150.00


(11-15 Rooms/ 21-30 People) $200.00

(16-20 Rooms/ 31-40 People) $250.00

(21-25 Rooms/ 41-50 People) $300.00

(26-30 Rooms/ 51-60 People) $350.00


(31-35 Rooms/ 61-70 People) $400.00

(36-40 Rooms/ 71-80 People) $450.00

(41-45 Rooms/ 81-90 People) $500.00

50+Rooms / 95+ People:  Call for Rates

*Destination Wedding Planning & Management Fee:  $500.00

*Applies to ALL Wedding groups that will have up to 100 people

*Air Only Travel:

Busy Bee Travel Group charges a fee of $30.00 for "Air Only" bookings.    


*For Business Travelers and Corporate and Non-Profit Incentive Groups, please contact us to discuss your needs and rates.

*Cancellation Fees:

Busy Bee Travel Group charges cancellation fees based on the following schedule:

If you cancel within 30 days of the Initial Deposit Payment Date, your cancellation fee will be $50 + the Vendor's Fee, if applicable

If you cancel 31-60 days after the Initial Deposit Payment Date, your cancellation fee will be $100 + the Vendor's Fee, if applicable

If you cancel 61-90 days after the Initial Deposit Payment Date, your cancellation fee will be $150 + the Vendor's Fee, if applicable

If you cancel 91 days or more after the Initial Deposit Payment Date, your cancellation fee will be $200 + the Vendor's Fee, if applicable

Busy Bee Travel Group's Cancellation fee is separate from Vendor Cancellation Fees.  Vendor policies regarding cancellation fees will be relayed to all clients in your trip quote documents.

Note:  Cancellations of a person or persons in a package that involve a change in bed configuration or category (i.e. from double occupancy to single occupancy, from run-of-house to a suite) are subject to rates that are in effect at the time in which the cancellation is requested and processed.

Change Fees

Any and All Changes that are requested after your reservation has been secured with your initial deposit will incur a fee of $25.00 per change PLUS the fee assessed by the Vendor, if applicable.  Changes include but are not limited to:  Names, Spelling Corrections, Date Changes, etc.  


Please be sure to fill this information out accurately on your Traveler Information Form to avoid a change fee.

NEW!  Credit/Debit Card Decline Fees

If Busy Bee Travel Group is unable to make your monthly installment payment, you will be notified via email that the payment attempt was unsuccessful.  Unsuccessful payment attempts will incur a fee of $25.00 each.  This fee must be paid (via PayPal) prior to Busy Bee Travel Group making another attempt to process your payment.   You will receive a payment link in the unsuccessful payment attempt email.   If you need to submit a new form of payment, please visit the FORMS page to fill out a new credit card authorization form no later than 5 days PRIOR to your next payment due date.  

*Please note that payments are only drafted on the 1st, 15th and/or the 28th of every month, unless otherwise noted on your payment schedule.  If we are unsuccessful at drafting a payment, that payment will be added to the final payment amount and date.  You will be notified of this in the unsuccessful payment attempt email as well. 

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